The Mission

“Through the sacred knowledge of Isis, we not only shape your hair, but we also transform your mind, body, and soul.” 


Isis Brantley,"The Goal"

The Mission

—  Isis Brantley, The Goal

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Afrikan Renaissance is an embodiment of the sacred qualities of the Blue Water Goddes, as imbued by the Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Kemet. Illuminating, Healing, and Aromatically divine, Your experience will feature a renaissance of priestly tradition.


Twenty years ago, I was arrested by seven undercover cops, handcuffed, and dragged out of my own salon in Texas. I was guilty of the "crime" of braiding hair without a cosmetology license. Today, I'm free. U.S. Judge Sam Sparks ruled that Texas Braiding Laws were unconstitutional. This fight for the right to teach the next generation braiding is today's modern-day civil rights movement!

Healing Through The Hair

SIYA/ Legacy

Imbue your soul with tools to build your tribe. Through these ancient resources, we coalesce your past with the present.

Translation: School, Tribe, Legacy

Nourish your spirit with a jazz-like blend of expertly crafted products and services, featuring an informative initiation into the ancient techniques used to heal your well-being.


Translation: Nourish


Artfully enrich your well-being with a renaissance of techniques, aromas, and ingredients designed to elevate you to the next plane.

Translation: Tribal Art

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When Isis Brantley won the fight for the freedom to braid hair in Texas, she helped pave the way toward financial independence not only for herself, but for braiders, no longer constrained by regulations requiring cosmetology licensing. Her story is not just about braid freedom, but about financial freedom, a gift that she wants to share with others.